T&T (means Truth & Training) check in their rooms 3111 – 3117 on the top floor with their Room Secretary and are picked up on the Lower Level in the Awana Game Room 1102.

At Judson Baptist, T&Ters are 3rd and 4th graders.

In T&T, clubbers journey through Scripture to learn a lot about God, His Word, His world and what He says about family, friends, church and the future.

Book 1 has an outer space theme and Book 2 has an underwater theme. The characters that lead clubbers on the journey are Arthur, Leah and Erik in Book 1. Carlos and Christy also join the fun in Book 2.

T&Ters work at their own pace through the handbooks. The goal is to finish a handbook in one year. The way to do that is to complete 2 sections each Wednesday night. This keeps a T&Ter on track as a “Truth Tracker“!

  • A 3rd grader will begin with the Start Zone entrance booklet and advance through it to Book 1.
  • 4th grader that has completed Book 1 will begin in Book 2.
  • If a 4th grader is new to Awana Clubs, they will begin with the Start Zone and go to Book 1. When the 4th grader finishes Book 1, they can move on to Book 2.

Once the Start Zone is completed, the T&Ter has earned their handbook (Book 1) and Awana Clubs green T&T jersey. This is the T&T uniform and is to be worn at every club meeting for a place to put earned awards and to receive points for the Awana Store!

Parents of T&Ters ~ look in your clubber’s handbook to find the Parent Page at the beginning of every Discovery. Then read and sign them so your clubber can move ahead in their book. Ask your clubber what to do…they will know!