Puggles are in Rooms 1121 and 1123 on the Lower Level.

Puggles are children who are 2 years old by August 15th of the current year and are one year away from being a Cubbie.

The Puggles program is built around teaching these four precepts:

  1. God made everything
  2. God saw that it was good
  3. God is love
  4. Give thanks

These four precepts are taught throughout the Awana Clubs year using 4 colorful board books and 32 large, colorful cards that illustrate a simple lesson for toddlers to understand.

Each week features a theme around one of the four precepts listed above and the related core Bible verses:

  • Genesis 1:1
  • John 1:3
  • Isaiah 42:5
  • Genesis 1:10
  • 1 John 4:15
  • Psalm 105:1

Puggles then get to take home a card each week that helps their parents reinforce the lesson concepts in simple ways throughout the week. The “take-home cards” also encourage the whole family to learn about God together!

Puggles also have a cool light blue shirt with the Puggle logo on it. A Puggle is a term for a baby platypus.