What an incredibly fun night at the races tonight! Thanks to EVERYONE who made tonight possible! And tonight’s trophy winners are…

Sparks Design:

1st place – Rollin’ Like a Lion by Molly R.

2nd place –  The Warrior by Jace J.

3rd place – Super Mario by Drew K.

T&T Design:

1st place – The Chase by Grayson N.

2nd place – Speed Dragon by Tayden H.

3rd place – Donut Loves by Megan S.

Sparks Speed:

1st place – Mario Rocket by Caleb S.

2nd place –  The Bat Car by Carter N.

3rd place – Monster by Mont B.

T&T Speed:

1st place – The Ambassador by J.T. C.

2nd place – Rose of Sharon by Avery Rhea M.

3rd place – Shark Attack by Will K.

  1. LEADERS, please wear your uniform shirt to be easily identified by parents.
  2. CLUBBERS, have a name for your CAR to write on the car place holder.

Sparks and T&T: start your engines!!! Sparks check in at the RED table and T&T check in at the GREEN table. You will be assigned a number place card for you to write the NAME of your CAR. Your car will be weighed at the BLUE table to check that it is 5 ounces or less and then you will put it on the Sparks RED and T&T GREEN display tables in the back left corner of the Gathering Room. If you need help with your car weights, after check in you will go to the YELLOW PIT STOP table for help. Pizza is served at 5:30pm and races begin at 6:00pm!

Puggles check in and go to their room as usual tonight. They will have Oreo cookies and apple juice with their Hot Wheels race. Please send a special labeled snack if your Puggle has an allergy. 🙂

Cubbies check in and immediately go to the Gathering Room with their parents for the evening. There will be Oreo and Famous Amos cookies with juice boxes and water after the races. Pastor Jack and Commander Tim will be calling the races. 🙂

Get your engines ready!!! At least 88 Grand Prix cars will be racing this week with Cubbies on Wednesday and Sparks/T&T on Friday!


  • VERY IMPORTANT: IF YOU PURCHASED A CAR ELSEWHERE, please email your children’s names and their club (Cubbies, Sparks, or T&T) to Veronica.Winder@judsonbaptist.com so they can be included in the heats Pastor Jack Oliver has created.
  • Cubbies parents stay with your Cubbie in the Gathering Room UNLESS you are a Sparks or T&T Leader or serve elsewhere in a Judson Wednesday night ministry.
  • We only have 1 car kit available for purchase if you still need a car or need a replacement car.
  • Make sure to paint the cut-out area under the car (where you apply the weights) so the weights will better adhere to the car.
  • Sparks and T&T cars must be 5 ounces or less to be eligible to compete. We will have a scale at the Friday night Sparks and T&T race to check each car. If you don’t have a scale at home, just bring your car and the weights that came in the kit so a “Pit Stop” crew member can help you determine the exact amount of weights you need.

The Cubbie and Puggle Grand Prix is in ONE MORE WEEK on Wednesday, March 1st!

Cubbie Parents, we need you to take your Cubbie to the Gathering Room, instead of the Awana Game Room, and please stay with your Cubbie during the races – unless you serve in another area at church during this time. This is an “all hands on deck” type of night! We will have cookies, juice boxes, and water for the Cubbies and you in the Gathering Room. (Please bring a special snack with you if your Cubbbie has food allergies.)

Puggle Parents, please do not stay in your child’s room for their race. It just works better that way! We will have plenty of Matchbox type cars if you need one for their race. Puggles will have cookies also in their room. (Please send a labeled special snack if your Puggle has food allergies.)

*Note for Sparks and T&Ters: we will sell the remaining Grand Prix cars this Wednesday night, Feb. 22nd, in the downstairs hallway. We have just a handful of them left! Please remember to let us know if you purchased a car elsewhere so we can add you to the heats. 🙂

Leaders, Parents, and Clubbers:

Please pray for Game Director Harry Beavers and Sparks Leader Judy Beavers’ son, Rick, in Texas. He had colon surgery in October and the family needs our prayers because he is having surgery again tomorrow at 3:30pm. Harry and Judy are there to  provide comfort and support to him and his family. THANK YOU FOR PRAYING!


Leaders, thanks to everyone who has given your RSVP for the “Our Snow Wonderful Leadership” dinner on Saturday, February 18th! (If you haven’t made your reservations with your Director yet, please do so by this Saturday, February 11th, because we don’t want anyone left out of the fun!) 🙂

Hugs and Kisses (Red and Pink) Night is this Wednesday, February 8th! Hugs from leaders and Kisses Hershey’s style for everyone! Wear RED and/or PINK with your uniform!

Sparks and T&Ters, if you wear RED and/or PINK WITH your uniform, you will receive 50 bonus points! Be sure to show your RED and/or PINK to your Room Secretary. 🙂

God’s love note for you is: “For God so loved the world that He gave His one and only Son that whoever believes in Him shall not perish but have eternal life.” John 3:16


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