Each day of every week, please pray for…

Sundays: Pastor Jack Oliver as he shepherds everyone under the leadership of the Lord Jesus Christ.

Mondays: Directors as they co-lead their clubs…

T&T: Barbara McDaniel and Emilee Puckett

Sparks: Paula Hall, Linda Harlan, and Kim McIntyre

Cubbies/Puggles: Mali Biddle and Christy Spain

Games: Harry Beavers and Don Clemons

Tuesdays: Puggles and Cubbies Children and Leaders

Puggles (2 years old) to learn basic truths about God.

Cubbies (3 and 4 years old) to learn that Jesus loves them.

Leaders to love and care for the littlest ones in Awana.

Wednesdays: Commanders and Special Nights

Tim McIntyre and Julie Robertson as they co-lead all the clubs and for the special nights of the Birthday Party for Jesus, Grand Prix, Awana Store, and Awards Celebration.

Thursdays: Sparks Children and Leaders

  Sparks (Kindergarten, 1st, & 2nd grades) to know Jesus as their Savior as they journey through God’s Word.

Leaders to encourage Bible memorization and godly habits.

Fridays: T&T Children and Leaders

T&Ters (3rd & 4th grades) to be discipled in their faith and share Jesus with their friends.

Leaders to encourage by example for T&Ters to serve Jesus.

Saturdays: Middle TN Awana Missionaries and Children

J.J. and Laura Gillette and their 5 children

For ALL children around the world to KNOW, LOVE, and SERVE Jesus Christ!