Cubbies check in at the computer station, then go to the Awana Game Room 1102 on the Lower Level, and are picked up in their color team rooms on the Lower Level…

Red Team Room 1105

Blue Team Room 1107

Purple Team Room 1109

Green Team Room 1125

Yellow Team Room 1127

Orange Team Room 1129

Cubbies are preschool children who are 3 years old by August 15th of the current year, 4 years old, or young 5 years old (that are not in Kindergarten this year).

Cubbies begin the year by going through the Apple Acres Entrance Booklet that gives parents and children a brief overview of the program and presents God’s plan of salvation at a preschooler’s level.

They will also learn in the Apple Acres Entrance Booklet what the A and C stand for on the blue Cubbie vest. They earn the vest after completing the Apple Acres Entrance Booklet. The vest is the Cubbie uniform and is to be worn each week for a place to put earned awards.

All memory verses are presented at a level appropriate for 3’s, 4’s, and young 5 year old children. For example, the Cubbies key verse is 1 John 4:10 and reads:   God loved us and sent His Son…

Cubbies have 2 handbooks (AppleSeed 2017-2018 and HoneyComb 2018-2019) in a storybook style with 1 boy, Timothy, and  3 adorable animals that preschoolers love. They are also the puppets that help teach the preschoolers during Story Time each week. Timothy and his best friend, Cubbie Bear, will lead them through his parents’ farm and the book and their friends Katie Collie and Luvie Lamb help them along the way. 

All Cubbies work in the same handbook each year and say 1 section each week. By the time a Cubbie is ready to advance to the Sparks Club in Kindergarten, he or she will have done 2 handbooks and memorized over 50 verses!

Each handbook contains 24 Bear Hug sections and 6 Special Day sections. Each section has a Bible verse to memorize and parent-child activities to help a Cubbie grasp a simple biblical truth.