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3 things to remember for tomorrow’s Award Ceremony and Ice Cream Celebration night:

  1. Take your ice cream (no nuts, please!) to the Gathering Room before 5:45pm.
  2. Sparks, if you are missing any jewels, badges, or pins, see Sparks Director Linda Harlan in the foyer between 5:15-5:45pm.
  3. ALL Clubbers and Leaders, please be in uniform in your designated pew at 5:45pm.

What a fantastic year we have had! See you in the Sanctuary at 5:45pm! 🙂

It’s the crazy night of the year: Double Bubble Bucks Night is here on April 26th! On this last night for sections for Sparks and T&T, all points earned count DOUBLE for the Awana Store NEXT WEEK on May 3rd and EVERYONE  gets Dubble Bubble Gum galore!

Cubbies say Bear Hug 25 and 26 and Puggles have a regular night on Wednesday. We need all the Student Leaders serve this night as scheduled. 🙂

All Leaders: RSVP to your Director by Wednesday for the Leader Luncheon on Sunday, April 30, so we will have enough yummy food for you and your family!

Check out the Calendar page for the last few dates of this year!

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T&Ters: If you are finished with your book and are working on the extra credit Silvers and Golds, remember that each Silver section counts as 2 sections and is worth 100 points and each Gold section is worth 50 points! Many of the Gold sections are something you do or make at home and bring to club. All Silver sections are a review of the previous Discovery verses and also add 4 new verses to go along with that Discovery question.

Any T&Ter who is planning to say the big gold section of reviewing the entire book in one sitting needs to email Commander Julie at to schedule a 20 minute time before or after club for a Wednesday between now and April 26. This is Gold 8:2 in the 3rd grade red Book 1 and Gold 8:1 in the 4th grade blue Book 2. This is huge extra credit and not required to finish the book, but anyone who does receives an extra award on Awards Night. 🙂

Next Wednesday, April 5th, is Fruit of the Spirit Night! 🙂

  • Please remember to bring  fruit cups (the kind you pack in a lunch box) to club on Wednesday for one of our ministry partners, Front Porch Ministries!
  • Sparks and T&Ters receive 50 points toward the Awana Store for bringing fruit cups! Show them to your Room Secretary, then put them in the box outside the Soul Summit Room 3105.
  • Cubbies and Puggles, please put your fruit cups in the box at the preschool desk downstairs.

ALL LEADERS: if you would like to “recycle” your leader pin from last year(s), please turn those in on Wednesday. Feel free to keep your cumulative year pins if you want! We will soon order new leader pins for you to receive at the Leader Luncheon on Sunday, April 30th. And please tell your Director by April 19th how many members of your family will be there with you! 🙂

SHAMROCK GREEN NIGHT is tomorrow at Awana Clubs! Wear green with your uniform to participate in the theme night!

  • Sparks and T&Ters get 50 bonus points for wearing green with their uniform.
  • Yes, T&Ters, you MUST wear something WITH your GREEN uniform shirt for it to count! 🙂

Happy Pi day today! 3.14 on 3/14 🙂

Hugs and Kisses (Red and Pink) Night is this Wednesday, February 8th! Hugs from leaders and Kisses Hershey’s style for everyone! Wear RED and/or PINK with your uniform!

Sparks and T&Ters, if you wear RED and/or PINK WITH your uniform, you will receive 50 bonus points! Be sure to show your RED and/or PINK to your Room Secretary. 🙂

God’s love note for you is: “For God so loved the world that He gave His one and only Son that whoever believes in Him shall not perish but have eternal life.” John 3:16


Things to remember for February:

  1. ALL month is Bring a Friend Month! Sparks and T&Ters will receive 100 points for every first-time-this-school-year visitor they bring to Awana Clubs in February.
  2. Grand Prix cars will be available for purchase at 7:00pm downstairs on Feb. 1st, 8th, 15th, and 22nd. Car kits are $7 each with a $20 limit per family. We sold 45 on the first night last week!
  3. THEME NIGHT: Hugs and Kisses is on Feb. 8th! Wear RED and/or PINK with your uniform!  Sparks and T&Ters will earn 50 bonus points for participating! Everyone gets Hugs and Kisses…Hershey’s style!
  4. Student Leaders serve on Feb. 8th and 22th.

Awana Leaders Are Snow Wonderful!


Awana Leaders’ Dinner: For All Awana Leaders and Spouses (if Applicable)

When: Saturday Night, February 18th

Time: 5:30 p.m.

Place: Franklin Synergy Bank, 722 Columbia Avenue, Franklin, TN 37064

Cost: Our Treat for “Our Snow Wonderful Leadership”

Reservations: The Meeting Room will accommodate 80 People, and the first 80 to make reservations will be attending! Reservations must be made no later than Saturday, February 11th. Reservations are to be made to your Directors.

Directions: These directions are from Judson Parking lot:

Turn left out of Judson Parking lot at traffic light. Travel south on Franklin Road until you come to the town of Franklin.

Franklin Road will take you to the square. Go right around square until second turn to right – this second turn will be Main Street.  Follow Main Street to 2nd traffic light – this will be 5-point intersection. Take a left (not the immediate left, but second left, it will be the angle left) onto 31 S/Columbia Avenue. The Bank will be about 3 blocks down on your right. The Meeting Room is in the back of Bank.

Parking: Parking Area around Bank or the Bank parking garage

Make Reservations TODAY and Join the Fun!

Would you please pray today for:

Fridays: T&T Children and Leaders

T&Ters (3rd & 4th grades) to be discipled in their faith and share Jesus with their friends.

Leaders to encourage by example for T&Ters to serve Jesus.

Your prayers are a vital part of the Awana Clubs ministry at Judson! 🙂

TONIGHT is FLASHLIGHT NIGHT in Awana Clubs! This first theme night of the new year is for your child(ren) to bring a flashlight for a special night of reminding them that Jesus is the Light of the World and we are not to hide His light, but to let it shine for everyone to see!

Sparks and T&Ters will receive 50 bonus points when they show their flashlight to their Room Secretary at check-in. Please tell your Sparks and/or T&Ter to bring their flashlight and their Bibles to Large Group Time for a special Bible message.

STUDENT LEADERS: tonight is your first night to serve in Awana Clubs. 🙂 (Please check the Calendar page for the scheduled nights this semester.)

We look forward to seeing everyone tonight on the first night of the new 2017 semester in Awana Clubs! 🙂

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