T&Ters: If you are finished with your book and are working on the extra credit Silvers and Golds, remember that each Silver section counts as 2 sections and is worth 100 points and each Gold section is worth 50 points! Many of the Gold sections are something you do or make at home and bring to club. All Silver sections are a review of the previous Discovery verses and also add 4 new verses to go along with that Discovery question.

Any T&Ter who is planning to say the big gold section of reviewing the entire book in one sitting needs to email Commander Julie at philandjulie@yahoo.com to schedule a 20 minute time before or after club for a Wednesday between now and April 26. This is Gold 8:2 in the 3rd grade red Book 1 and Gold 8:1 in the 4th grade blue Book 2. This is huge extra credit and not required to finish the book, but anyone who does receives an extra award on Awards Night. 🙂