What an incredibly fun night at the races tonight! Thanks to EVERYONE who made tonight possible! And tonight’s trophy winners are…

Sparks Design:

1st place – Rollin’ Like a Lion by Molly R.

2nd place –  The Warrior by Jace J.

3rd place – Super Mario by Drew K.

T&T Design:

1st place – The Chase by Grayson N.

2nd place – Speed Dragon by Tayden H.

3rd place – Donut Loves by Megan S.

Sparks Speed:

1st place – Mario Rocket by Caleb S.

2nd place –  The Bat Car by Carter N.

3rd place – Monster by Mont B.

T&T Speed:

1st place – The Ambassador by J.T. C.

2nd place – Rose of Sharon by Avery Rhea M.

3rd place – Shark Attack by Will K.