Wednesday, December 14th, is the Birthday Party for Jesus!

We will take up a special Christmas offering for our Awana Missionaries, J.J. and Laura Gillette and their 5 young children. We are asking everyone to please bring an offering to bless the Gillettes! Remember, the total amount will be doubled!!

All clubbers will be dropped off and picked up in the usual locations at the usual times (5:45-7:15PM).

We will have snacks this night, so if your child has an allergy, please send a special snack with his or her name on it and let your child’s Director and Leader know about the snack.

  • Puggles will have Oreo cookies and juice boxes in their room.
  • Cubbies will have a regular schedule and need their uniform and  handbook. They will also have their party in their classrooms with Oreo cookies and juice boxes.
  • Sparks and T&Ters will have their party in the Gathering Room. They ONLY need their uniform and missionary offering, but NOT their Bible or handbook. Sections will not be said this night.

Sparks and T&Ters Leaders: please remember to bring a finger food snack (NO NUTS, please!) of something salty or healthy (like fruits or veggies) to the Gathering Room before you report to your classroom or the Soul Summit room. Thank you, Leaders!!! 🙂