1. Check-in is the NORMAL time and place for ALL FOUR clubs.
  2. Pick-up is the NORMAL time and place for PugglesSparks, and T&T.
  3. Pick-up for Cubbies ONLY will be in the Gym at 7:25pm AFTER you pick up your other clubbers at 7:15pm.

Puggles and Cubbie Leaders and Parents:

  • Puggles and Cubbies will have End of Year Parties in their classrooms with juice boxes and Oreo cookies. Please send a special snack if your child cannot have these 2 things.
  • Puggles do not jump on the Inflatables.
  • Cubbies need their vest and handbook for Handbook Time.
  • Cubbies will jump on the Inflatables in the Gym from 7:00-7:25pm. Leaders will take them to the Gym at 6:55.
  • Cubbies need SOCKS for the Inflatables! Their vest will be put in their bag with their handbook before jumping.
  • Parents, pick up Cubbies ONLY in the Gym by 7:25pm AFTER you pick up your other clubbers at 7:15pm from the Awana Game Room and/or the Puggles room.

Sparks and T&T Leaders and Parents:

  • THIS IS IT! The Awana Store is the first reward for the huge efforts the Sparks and T&T clubbers have made all year long! There are 120 Sparks and T&T clubbers ready to shop with their earned Awana Bucks! The Sparks and T&T clubbers will jump on the Inflatables in the Gym when it is not their turn to shop at the Awana Store in the Gathering Room.
  • Sparks and T&Ters DO NOT need their uniform, Bible, or handbook, but they DO need socks for the Inflatables.
  • Leaders, please be in the same place (Store, Inflatables, or Runners) to help as you were last year:
    • Leaders for the Store: report to the Gathering Room by 5:35 for instructions in the Store.
    • Leaders for the Inflatables:  report to the Gym by 5:40 to get instructions for the Inflatables.
    • Leaders as Runners: be in the Soul Summit room by 5:40 to begin escorting clubbers to the Gym.
  • Sparks and T&Ters: Be on time at 5:45pm in the Soul Summit room 3105 for the night’s instructions!
  • Parents who are not Leaders are welcome to help your child shop. Just hang out in the church foyer until your child is in line. If you are a Leader with a Spark or T&Ter, we will have a helper to help your child shop if they need that.