It’s just a few hours away until the Parent Meeting! Woo-hoo! We will see you at 5:45 pm in room 3105.

Please take your child(ren) at 5:40pm to:

  • babies and toddlers to Room 1117
  • 2 year olds (Puggles) to Room 1119
  • 3 years old, 4 year olds, and 5 year olds not in Kindergarten (Cubbies) to Room 1108
  • Kindergarten through 4th grade (Sparks and T&T) to the Awana Game Room 1102

Leaders, if you are available to help tonight, please report to the Awana Game Room 1102 at 5:30 pm to assist Harry Beavers with K-4th or Judy Chancey with preK in room 1108. Thanks for being flexible! And thank you to all of you who have told your Director of your status for tonight! We LOVE our Leaders!!!