Get your engines ready!!! At least 80 Grand Prix cars will be racing next week! Pastor Jack is adding the clubbers to the car heats this weekend.

  • IF YOU PURCHASED A CAR ELSEWHERE, please respond with your children’s names so they can be included in the heats.
  • We still have some car kits available for purchase if you need a car.
  • Make sure to paint the cut-out area under the car (where you apply the weights) so the weights will better adhere to the car.
  • Sparks and T&T cars must be 5 ounces or less to be eligible to compete. We will have a scale at the Friday night race to check each car. If you don’t have a scale at home, just bring your car and the weights that came in the kit so a “Pit Stop” crew member can help you determine the exact amount of weights you need.