T&T and Sparks Parents:

The time of year has arrived that we, as Christians, celebrate the birth of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. His birth and then death on the cross has given each of us the Grace Gift of Eternal Life with Him.

We will celebrate Jesus’ birth in Awana Clubs on December 17th during our regular club time on Wednesday night. It will be a fun and memorable time for your clubber! We, as Leaders, always look forward to celebrating this time with your clubber!

There will be singing, games, stories, and the sharing of the  Birthday Cake for Jesus. The story of redemption is told within the make-up of the cake.

Clubbers are always excited about the cake and the story it tells. We have explained the meaning of the cake below for you to share at home with you clubber, which really is The True Meaning of Christmas!

The Birthday Cake for Jesus has a:

Round Shape to describe the world into which Jesus was born.

Black Bottom Layer to represent that all people have sinned.

Red Middle Layer to symbolize Jesus’ blood that was shed for our sins.

Green Top Layer to show the new life we have in Christ after our sins have been washed away.

White Frosting to portray the righteousness and purity of Christ.

Red Heart Border to stand for the brothers and sisters united in Christ circling the earth as His witnesses.

Gold Star on top that shown to announce Jesus’ birth and light the way to where He was born.

Red Candle in the center to illustrate Jesus Who came into the dark world to bring it Light and Truth.