Please take the time to share this precious letter from Awana children in Sierra Leone, West Africa, with your children (at their understanding level) to help them pray for the children…

Prayer Request from Suffering Awana Kids

For the past few months, we’ve heard news reports about the Ebola virus outbreak concentrated in West Africa. This devastating virus has no known cure and spreads through contact with an infected person’s bodily fluids.

One of the countries affected by Ebola is Sierra Leone, Africa, Awana reaches 6,647 children in 87 clubs.

Awana headquarters staff received this touching and timely letter from a group of Awana kids in Sierra Leone. Their plea for prayer shares very specific needs and ways to pray.

May God use our prayers to strengthen, bring healing, peace and comfort to our Awana family impacted by the Ebola virus.

Will you share this request with your church and community?

Dear Awana children all over the world
Greetings from children in Sierra Leone

We want to kndly ask you to help us in preaying for the Ebola outbreak
in Sierra Leone. The Ebola outbreak has destroy so many things so we
are kindly asking you to help us for

I)  To pray for this outbreak to come to an end.
II) We want you to pray for our parent most of them working
for private company has lost their job.
III) Please pray for our children who have lost their parent due
to this Ebloa outbreak.
IV) Please pray for us so that this outbreak of Ebloa will come
to an end so that we can start going to school and take
our exams to enter high school.
IV) We want you to pray for the Awana Clubers in Sierra Leone
so that we can start holding our meetings again.

From Awana children in Sierra Leone