Oh, how easy it is to get “lost” in the amount of time our kids spend in front of a screen in today’s ever-increasing technology world! Ha! Just to share this timely article on kids and screen time with you, I HAD TO USE SCREEN TIME! If you wish, please consider this “food-for-thought” article from Regions.com:

Better Manage A Child’s “Screen Time”

New concerns come with the touch screen generation

A generation ago, limiting a child’s “screen time” meant restricting television use. Today’s parents face a more difficult task, as screen time has come to include laptops, smartphones, and tablets. Here are a few helpful tips for managing a child’s usage of electronic devices:

  • Establish technology-free zones, like a child’s bedroom or the car. Also, prohibit usage during particular times of the day, such as one hour before bedtime or during dinner. (Bonus tip: place a drop-in basket to collect electronic devices in a convenient location.)
  • Discuss with children the negative effects of too much screen time. A child who knows the potential risks associated with overuse — obesity, sleep problems, behavioral and educational issues — will better understand why restrictions are necessary.
  • Use parental controls to protect children from explicit content and to monitor what they are doing online. However, while such controls are helpful, personal supervision of a child’s online activities is also a must.
  • Remind children of the importance of real-life social activities. Encourage them to “unplug” and participate in sports, clubs, and volunteer activities.
  • Monitor your own habits to ensure you are being a good role model to younger audiences.

It is very important that we manage technology, not the other way around. Today’s parents and children would be wise to remember these words.