I want to repeat a song I have shared with you before because I think it so speaks to what we are doing in Awana.  If you are a parent or a worker in Awana, you have a great responsibility to lead the children to know the Lord, hide his Word in their hearts, and know how to communicate with Him in prayer. What a blessed challenge we all have!

Mrs. Margaret Kimbrough

(The song was written by own former members, Dennis and Nan Allen, and I have permission to use it in this e-mail.)
A little boy with tousled hair
    at his father’s knee
Needs much more than nursery rhymes
    and stories of the sea.
He needs someone to share God’s love
    and show him how to pray.
For the  truth that’s planted in his heart
    will grow the man someday.
As the twig is bent is how the tree will grow.
As the mind is planted is how the heart will know.
If you lead a child to Jesus, that’s where his feet will go.
For as the twig is bent is how the tree will grow.