Check-in is the usual time and place for ALL 4 clubs.

Pick-up is the usual time and place for PugglesSparks, and T&T.

Pick-up for Cubbies will be in the Gym at 7:25pm AFTER you pick up any other clubbers at 7:15pm.

Puggles and Cubbie Leaders and Parents ONLY:

  • Puggles and Cubbies will have End of Year Parties in their classrooms with juice boxes and Oreo cookies.
  • Puggles do not jump on the Inflatables.
  • Cubbies need their vest and handbook for Handbook Time.
  • Cubbies will jump on the Inflatables in the Gym from 7:00-7:25pm. Leaders will take them to the Gym at 6:55.
  • Cubbies need SOCKS for the Inflatables! Their vest will be put in their bag with their handbook before jumping.
  • Parents, pick up Cubbies ONLY in the Gym by 7:25pm AFTER you pick up any other clubbers at 7:15pm.

Sparks and T&T Leaders and Parents ONLY:

  • THIS IS IT! The Awana Store is the first reward for the huge efforts the Sparks and T&T clubbers have made all year long! We have about 125 clubbers ready to shop with their Awana Bucks! When the clubbers are not shopping at the Store in the Gathering Room, they will be jumping on the Inflatables in the Gym.
  • Sparks and T&Ters DO NOT need their uniform, Bible, or handbook, but they DO need socks for the Inflatables.
  • Leaders for the Store: report to the Gathering Room by 5:35. See Tiffany Anton for further instructions in the Store.
  • Leaders for the Inflatables:  report to the Gym by 5:40 to get instructions for the Inflatables.
  • Runners: be in the Soul Summit room by 5:40 to begin escorting clubbers to the Gym.
  • Sparks and T&Ters: Be on time at 5:45pm in the Soul Summit room 3105 for the night’s instructions!
  • Parents who are not Leaders are welcome to help your child shop. Just hang out in the foyer until your child is in line. If you are a Leader with a Spark or T&Ter, we will have a helper to help your child shop if they need that.