Judson Baptist Church is OPEN for a regular schedule on Wednesday even though Metro schools are closed tomorrow. (Our church policy states that if Metro is closed due to inclement weather, then Wednesday night church is cancelled, but this time Metro is closed due to weather-related repairs, not the weather.) So come on and join the fun at all four Awana Clubs

Any Judson-member Lady (who is a “Pastor Jack approved” childcare worker) and is usually in women’s Bible study on Wednesday nights, you are off until next Wednesday evening, January 15 per Kaye Martin’s email. We would LOVE to have you be our “Helping Hands” tomorrow if you’re available! Please email me back at philandjulie@yahoo.com to let me know if you can! 🙂

Not to be exclusive by any means, it’s just that I don’t get the Men’s Ministry updates, so any Judson-member Gentleman (who is a “Pastor Jack approved” childcare worker) and is not in men’s Bible study tomorrow night can join the fun at Awana Clubs, too! 🙂 Just email me at the address above!