This Wednesday, December 11th, is the last regular night of the semester!

Heads up for NEXT Wednesday, December 18th: it is the Birthday Party for Jesus!

This info is for those of you who like to be “in the know” ahead of time: 🙂

Cubbies will have a regular schedule, but will be on Bear Hug Special Day Two. They will also have their party in their classrooms with apple juice and cupcakes.

Puggles will have apple juice and sugar cookies in their room.

Sparks and T&Ters will be checked in and picked up at the usual times and places, but will have a very special time in the Gathering Room. They need their uniform and missionary offering, but NOT their Bible or Handbook. No sections will be said this night.

Sparks and T&Ters Leaders: please bring a finger food snack of something salty or healthy (fruit or veggies) to the Gathering Room before you report to your classroom or the Large Group Time room.