In case you did not receive the email this morning from our children’s minister, Pastor Jack Oliver:

Dear families,
We wanted to let you know that we had a case of lice reported by one of our club families. This is a very common occurrence this time of year, so please be sure to check your child carefully. If you do find lice we ask that you treat your child and rid them of lice before returning to Awana. There are a few area businesses that are specifically geared to help. (Lice Solutions is one that many schools use.)
Pastor Jack

Thanks for everyone’s help in making sure we take precautions to prevent more lice. Please make sure that NITS, as well as the lice, are completely gone before returning.

FYI: We do not put anything on the clubbers for Game Time, such as a hat, but now we will also not use beanbags on the head for Game Time.

I remember as a child that myself and my 2 sisters (all three of us with LONG hair!) had a round of lice that probably came from sharing a hat or hairbrush with a friend. My mom made us promise to ONLY use our items and not use a friend’s stuff.

Commander Julie 🙂