February is Bring a Friend month! All Sparks and T&T clubbers who bring a friend (a first-time visitor) to Awana Clubs get 100 points in February!

Parents: Bring contact information with you when you check your child’s visitor in at the Club Secretaries desks. (See Tiffany Anton, Carrie Sharn, or Margaret Kimbrough upstairs to check-in a first-time visitor for Sparks or T&T.)

Room Secretaries: please write the name of the visiting child on your clubber’s permanent record on the night a visitor comes. The Club Secretaries will assign the points. Thank you! 🙂

Student Leaders: this is your night to serve in Awana Clubs! See you on Wednesday! We L.O.V.E. our Student Leaders!!!  🙂

UPDATE ON GRAND PRIX CARS: you purchased 78 of the 100 cars we had last Wednesday night! Wow! Way to go! We have 22 cars left that will be available this Wednesday in the hallway outside the Awana Game Room 1102 (same as last week). See the previous post for questions on the Grand Prix.

More on February’s theme night next week…