This Wednesday, Dec. 19th, is our last night of the year and it is the Birthday Party for Jesus! Check-in and pick-up times and locations will be the same as always for all 4 clubs. It is the last night for our Dollar Love Offering for our Awana missionaries! Everyone, please bring a dollar to bless them for Christmas! 🙂

  1. Puggles and Cubbies will have a special celebration for Jesus’ Birthday in their rooms. Cubbies will need their uniforms and handbooks. They are working on Special Day 2.
    • Puggles and Cubbies Leaders: Director Debbie Harris will have juice boxes and a special snack for your kids. You do NOT need to bring anything.
  2. Sparks and T&T need only their uniform and missionary offering. They will sing Christmas carols upstairs and then go to the Gathering Room for the Birthday Party for Jesus. (See the first paragraph for check-in and pick-up questions!)
    • Sparks and T&T Leaders: PLEASE bring a finger food snack that is non-sweet, such as cheese, something salty, fruit, or veggies. Put this in the Gathering Room before you go upstairs.
  3. Students Leaders: this is your last night of the year to serve in Awana Clubs and we look forward to having you celebrate Jesus’ Birthday with us all! 🙂