Sparks and T&T ONLY: November 7th is Open House for Sparks and T&T.

Reasons why this is for Sparks and T&T only:

  1. To complete the Bring a Friend section in their handbook: If your child has invited friends to come to Awana Clubs, but they have been unable to attend, then your time with your child during the Awana Clubs night from 5:45-7:15pm will count for completion of that section.
  2. Cubbies and Puggles do not have a section to complete for inviting friends and at their young ages it is better for their night to continue as usual with the least amount of disruption in schedule.
  3. All Awana Leaders:  If your child(ren) need to finish this section, please continue to serve in your club as usual, but put a sticky note on their handbook with your name, what club you serve in, and the section number page number. This will help your child’s leader to sign the section, assign the points, and give any section completion awards that are due (Wing jewels or Streamwood dog-bones). 🙂

Student Leaders: this is your week for youth group. See you on the 14th! 🙂