Mrs. Margaret encourages us with this:

I have been listening to a CD by our own Dennis and Nan Allen [of Judson Baptist].  On it , Nan sings a song they wrote together.  It impressed me with the truth that we hope to convey in Awana that we must teach our children the truth about God and His love for us.  We discussed in our parent meeting that we work beside the parents to help their children learn more about God. I hope the text of the chorus of this song will resonate with both parents and Awana workers about the great responsibility in teaching the next generation about out Lord and Savior.    

                 As the twig is bent, is how the tree will grow.

                        As the mind is planted, is how the heart will know.

                        If you lead a child to Jesus, that where his feet will go.

                        For as the twig is bent is how the tree will grow.