Parents and Leaders:

Thanks to ALL of you who have made the first few weeks of Awana Clubs 20122013 rock! You are the best group of leaders and parents! We have just a few “housekeeping” notes to keep us all on the same page:

  • Check-in time: is from 5:35-5:45pm. We are not prepared to receive the children until then. Only Leaders’ children and grandchildren may be checked in at 5:30pm, but do not leave them unattended in any room. Please wait with them until a leader arrives.
  • Restroom: Please take your child(ren) to the restroom BEFORE you check them in. This will help us tremendously with the short time of 1.5 hours during Awana Clubs. Of course, if they need to use the restroom during the night we will escort them to it and back to their room. 🙂 
  • Security cardsIf you checked the box on your child(ren)’s registration form to indicate that you need a security card and you have not yet picked it up, it will be at the Preschool desk on the lower level this Wednesday night with Amanda Sinclair. Please see her between 5:35-6:00pm to sign the agreement form and receive your card. If you need a card and did not sign up for one, please add your name to the list she will have and we will have a card for you on Oct. 3rd. Please remember that these cards are for your use only for this Awana Clubs year and need to be kept safe. Replacement cards are $10 each. All security cards issued for non-Judson members MUST be returned on or before May 1, 2013.
  • Ordered items: ALL items must be ordered and paid for online at (Please let us know if you have any problems or questions with online ordering.) Items you have ordered and paid for online for your child(ren) that have not been received will be available either this Wed. or next, provided they have EARNED the items by completing the entrance booklet for their club (Bear Hug for Cubbies, Flight 3:16 for Sparks, and Start Zone for T&T – only Puggles do not have to “earn” anything). If you placed your online order after Sept. 19, it will be added to the next order we place with Awana Headquarters. Thank you for your patience!

We look forward to seeing you on Wednesday ready to have fun and praise the Lord together! 🙂