For our Awana Leaders and Parents from Mrs. Margaret Kimbrough, T&T Leader:

I thought it might be good to send this to both Awana workers and also to parents this month.

In Deuteronomy 6:4-9 God instructed the people to teach their children that there is only one God and to train them to love Him with all of their being.  This was not to be a once in a while instruction, but as they walked, as they went to bed, in every part of their lives.  Parents have an awesome responsibility to teach their children about God and to make it so natural to talk about Him that it becomes part of their every day experience.  Awana leaders come along beside parents and continue the teaching that the parents have begun.  Thank God for faithful parents and Awana leaders who are committed to the education of their children in spiritual things.

In the first chapter of Judges the Scripture says that a generation arose that did not remember the wonders that God had performed for the nation of Israel as He brought them out of Egypt and slavery and protected them for 40 years in the desert. How sad!

Do not allow a generation to arise in America that do not know the wonders that God has done for us.  TEACH THE CHILDREN!

To get to know Mrs. Margaret’s heart for children and Awana more, please visit and look for Mrs. Margaret in her green T&T shirt in the video titled Awana Fall 2011 Promo.