February is Bring a Friend Month in Awana Clubs! Sparks and T&Ters will receive DOUBLE the points for a first time visitor brought to ANY of the Awana Clubs, Puggles through T&T. That is a whopping 100 points for a first time visitor! 🙂

And this ties in so nicely with Judson’s Friend Day on Sunday, Feb. 12th! So invite your friends to come and join the fun at Judson’s Awana Clubs and then invite them to come back for Sunday’s Friend Day!

The theme night is on Feb. 15th and is Hugs & Kisses~Red & Pink~Night! Clubbers and Leaders will receive Hugs & Kisses…Hershey’s style! Wearing RED and/or PINK with their uniforms will bring more festivities to the night AND it will bring 50 more bonus points the Sparks and T&Ters who participate!

Grand Prix race cars should arrive and be distributed to those who ordered them on Feb. 8th before club begins. If you missed the deadline of ordering cars, head over to Hobby Lobby, Michael’s, or another craft store to grab a car kit. The bottom line for restrictions is that the car must weigh 5 ounces or less. The Grand Prix is in March.