October is here and with it comes several news worthy items in Awana Clubs!

  1. Oct. 5: Cubbies Open House – clubbers can bring an adult to “shadow” them for the night to see what they do during club.
  2. Oct. 8: ONE MORE Ministry Conference for the Leaders – a note to those registered, we will meet on Saturday at Judson to caravan.
  3. Oct. 19: Fall Break – no clubs will meet. Judson Parents who are involved in Bible studies: we will have a F.U.N. Night instead. More info to come on Sunday, Oct. 16th.
  4. Oct. 26: Pumpkin Orange Theme Night – wear orange with your uniform. 50 bonus points to Sparks and T&T for participating! 🙂
  5. All month is Bring a Friend Month for Sparks and T&T. Clubbers bringing a new friend (who has not been to Awana Clubs at Judson before) to any club will receive 50 bonus points for their Handbook section.