Please join us for the Parent Meeting on Wednesday, August 24th, at 5:45pm in the Soul Summit Room 3105 on the third floor! We will cover new material for this club year, including the new start and finish times.

This meeting is for ALL parents: those of you who are brand new to Awana, those of you whose child is moving to a new club, and those of you who are interested in what we do at Awana! We will conclude the meeting by 7:15pm.

We will have fun times planned for your children while you are in the Parent Meeting. Please take your children to the following locations before coming to the meeting:

  • Babies: regular classroom (1117)
  • 2 yr olds: regular classroom (1119)
  • 3 yr olds (Puggles last year): regular classroom (1119)
  • 4 yr & 5 yr olds and new Kindergartners (Cubbies last year): Awana Game Room
  • 1st – 4th graders : Gym